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Further Reason to DEMAND the Equal Rights Amendment Be Ratified NOW

Of all the myriad critical Social Issues I could be weighing in on in my discretionary time: Health Care, Immigration, Gun Control , etc., it is STUNNING that WOMEN CAN BE DISRESPECTED on the National Stage this way.

Blobfish Basketball Classic INSULTS WOMEN


EVERYTHING about this is so foul, offensive & STUNNINGLY NERVY beyond belief.

When will YOU stop playing games with people's lives??? Not seeing or hearing much of anything on TV these days including the quote/unquote "News", I don't even know how this got started but I can tell you it needs to STOP.

In the "Animal Kingdom," FISH are a euphemism for WOMEN. Let's enumerate everything that is wrong with this picture.

1. Blobfish. Did nobody learn ANYTHING about Name-calling & Bullying after the 2016 Election?

2. It is Father's Day Weekend - a day to "celebrate men." So you "celebrate men by attacking WOMEN???'

3. It is Juneteeth. I don't know about the rest of the country, but Juneteenth is kind of a thing in Texas. It is recognition of when Texas Slaves learned of the Emanicipation Proclaim