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Further Reason to DEMAND the Equal Rights Amendment Be Ratified NOW

Of all the myriad critical Social Issues I could be weighing in on in my discretionary time: Health Care, Immigration, Gun Control , etc., it is STUNNING that WOMEN CAN BE DISRESPECTED on the National Stage this way.

Blobfish Basketball Classic INSULTS WOMEN


EVERYTHING about this is so foul, offensive & STUNNINGLY NERVY beyond belief.

When will YOU stop playing games with people's lives??? Not seeing or hearing much of anything on TV these days including the quote/unquote "News", I don't even know how this got started but I can tell you it needs to STOP.

In the "Animal Kingdom," FISH are a euphemism for WOMEN. Let's enumerate everything that is wrong with this picture.

1. Blobfish. Did nobody learn ANYTHING about Name-calling & Bullying after the 2016 Election?

2. It is Father's Day Weekend - a day to "celebrate men." So you "celebrate men by attacking WOMEN???'

3. It is Juneteeth. I don't know about the rest of the country, but Juneteenth is kind of a thing in Texas. It is recognition of when Texas Slaves learned of the Emanicipation Proclaimation.

4. Basketball has become the quintessential Black Sport. What in the world does Basketball have to do with FISH???

5. The event is being hosted by Texas Southern University. Someone there knows what they are doing. Why are you trying to fix Racism with SEXISM??? Prejudice is Prejudice is PREJUDICE.

Come In & Learn Why Women Ought to Vote

I am beyond INSULTED OUT OF MY SKULL on the behalf of ALL WOMEN this morning.

Come In & Learn Why Women Ought to Vote

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