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For the Right Reason: Understanding

English is not kind to women: "door, floor, chore four, WHORE." To this day, I still have long time FRIENDS in the Hispanic Community that have their nose out of joint with ME over those INSULTING TRANSLATIONS.

It's a problem.

When PEOPLE cannot UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER, it's problem.

The United States is one of the few countries that does NOT have an official language.

English is not kind to WOMEN

When MILLIONS of Americans can LOSE THEIR HEALTH CARE, because Spanish-Speaking VOTERS didn't not want to "Bomb-a-Nose" it is a PROBLEM.


I say this with compassion & I say this for the RIGHT REASONS: we need a DEMOCRATIC Bill certifying ENGLISH as this Official Language of this country.


Republicans already have several Bills to do just this, but then we see the "Rise of the Party of Trump" going about it in a heavy-handed manner & causing screams of "White Supremacists" among Non-White Citizens.

This infuriatingly CAUSES problems for people like me, who have a VERY LONG HISTORY of HELPING SMOOTH-OVER RACE RELATIONS.

I walk the walk & I talk the talk: I go there - to HELP. Then I get INSULTED to my face by my Hispanic "FRIENDS" because of the English Language.

Below is my Webpage I built in 2010 while working for Seccion Amarilla - the Spanish Yellow Pages. Talk about a HARD JOB for someone who is NOT Bi-lingual.

I created this page using Google Translate. (I hope these translations are OK, but I know some of them are gibberish or "Spanglish" or however you'd like to charaterize them.)


When I worked at the cemetery, I was in the Spanish-Speaking branch of my company.


People are not dying to speak with a Cemetery Pre-planning Counselor in the first place, then add in those English-Spanish Translations, I'm not sure how I survived THAT for TWO YEARS.

People may say that this is the wrong message at the wrong time, but I beg to differ.

Where did my OBAMACARE GO???

Don't get me started on how INSULTING English is to Spanish-Speakers. Here is my ME TOO moment. I am insulted out of my skull.

PEOPLE can be nice to each other in ANY Language & it starts with UNDERSTANDING.

Misogyny is a Problem in America

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