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CNN's Don Lemon Addresses Lack of Civility & Mob Mentality

Don Lemon is THE Broadcaster I trust most to give a fair & balanced analysis of the day's events. Most of the 2016 Presidential Debates were held on CNN. Stunning Debate after stunning debate, I watched as Don Lemon & Van Jones maintained their composure to their credit (& admiration.)

Lack of Civility and Mob Mentality in America

I rarely see the Evening News these days, returning home well after National & Local coverage has ended, so I depend on CNN to get me caught up on the day's events.

Apparently there was a sad incident of Race-Baiting on the part of a Legislator I admire. Race-Baiting is a term I generally despise. More often than not it is a term used by Radical Tea Party-ers & Rabid Trumpeteers, but the shoe really does fit in this instance.

Lack of Civility and Mob Mentality in America

How can we tone down the Rhetoric & have rational, sane discussions with people whom we disagree with with this kind of vitriol?


This is how street rioting gets started.

I can remember the very first Women's March when it was still in the organizing phase. I WAS SO SCARED TO BE THERE, but I went with knees knocking, teeth chattering & shivers running down my spine.

And it was fine.

Houstonians proved they can organize & protest PEACEFULLY.

The Women's March arose directly in response to the "election" of Donald Trump & the terrible street rioting that dominated the year 2016.

Learn to treat people as INDIVIDUALS. Learn to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence.

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