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Employee Benefits for Same-Sex Partners in the Trump Era

With the Supreme Mess in the Supreme Court, our individual rights & freedoms are under attack more than ever.

Employee Benefits for Same Sex Partners in the Trump Era

Once again I will try to be the calm voice of reason, even as I have all kinds of alarm bells going off in here, beginning with this:

WOMEN stand to lose the most if the #ApprenticePresident manages to appoint a Supreme Court Justice with the intention of overturning Row/vs/Wade, criminalizing abortion.

Women still don't have equal rights & equal protections under the law and the struggle for these protects are under attack more than ever, even as great progress to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in 38 States gains steam.

The magic number of States needed to Ratify an Amendment into the US Constitution is 38. The Equal Rights Amendment need only ONE MORE STATE until we can bring it to a National Vote.

This is HUGE for Women as Pregnancy itself is defined as a SICKNESS - stunning, but true.

If a Pregnancy exists prior to enrollment under most health plans, it is Classed as a Pre-existing condition & excluded from coverage.

It is important to note, that the decision to treat this as a covered Benefit is up to the Employer, as is whether or not to provide Coverage under Employee Benefits of a Same Sex Partner.

In the 11 years I've been doing this, long before Gay Rights & Gay Marriage gained Constitutional Protection by the Supreme Court, the way we handled this decision was left up to the EMPLOYER.

The question of Coverage for Domestic Partners was NEVER A PROBLEM in any Enrollments I was a part of.

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