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Fitness for Office. The 25th Amendment

Going to Finland was in itself an Act of TREASON. Rod Rosenstein & the Justice Dept sent the #ApprenticePresident a clear message: 12 more Indictments of Russian Spies are heading your way. Stay away from Putin.

Doesn't matter what was said or not said n the speech, meeting with the Russian President was an Act of Treason.

The benchmark of treason doesn't need to be met Constitutionally. The 25th Amendment provides another opportunity to remove a President who is Unfit to lead this Nation.

Houston Congressman Al Green lead the charge to invoke the 25th Amendment earlier this year. Thankfully Congressman Green again rose to the occasion yesterday in a fiery address to Congress.

Attempts to "clarify" the contents of his speech amounts to MATERIAL MISREPRESENTATION OF THE FACTS.

The Office of the Presidency of the United States of America is the face of our country to the world. Citizens of this countr