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19th Amendment was Just the Beginning. Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

19th Amendment, Equal Rights Amendment

PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS. Gender discrimination is still a problem in this country when this country FAILED to make history by electing our 1st Female President due to superficial reasons like a NAME.

We cannot SCAPEGOAT an entire class of people - women - blaming us for the English Language. That's Discrimination.


100% of the social issues being used as a political football now would not not even be a consideration with Hillary.

Hillary Clinton was the Healthcare Candidate. Hillary Clinton was the DACA Candidate. Hillary Clinton was the DREAMER CANDIDATE.

That is the painful truth - an "Inconvenient truth."

People of color cut off their nose to spite their own face by NOT ELECTING Hillary Clinton.


So how do we fix this?

By learning to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence.

By learning to treat PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS.

Yes I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

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