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ObamaCARE, Trump Cards and Bargaining C.H.I.P.S.

UPDATE. PEOPLE are Individuals. When INDIVIDUALS vote or fail to Vote for SUPERFICIAL REASONS like a NAME, millions of people lose their HEALTH INSURANCE & the #ApprenticePresident goes to Washington.

It is an inconvenient truth.

It is a FACT.

When Hillary Clinton won the right to run for President on the Democratic Ticket, Bernie Sanders made a valiant effort to UNIFY this party & get out the Vote for Hillary, yet millions of Individual Voters stayed home. They didn't vote at all.

They refused to vote for a White Woman because of a NAME.

This is Discrimination.


I don't find it productive to speak in terms of Racism - which is a terrible fact. It is a problem.

Until this phenomenon can be eradicated, people should stop Race-Baiting & speak in terms of PREJUDICE.

Prejudice is defined as discrimination based on any physically identifiable attribute like Skin Color or GENDER.

Can a Person of Color be "Reverse Racist?"


Yes they can.

UPDATE. April is Medicaid Awareness Month

C.H.I.P. is a matter of Life & Death for 9 million kids across this Nation & I am beyond fed up with people playing the Trump Card with the lives of Medically Fragile children like my only Grandson.

I have spent all of 2017 blowing up Ted Cruz's phone, writing letters & providing testimony to the Senate Finance Committee RE the fact that my Critically Ill Grandson needs an organ transplant.


Before any doctor office visits, before any hospital stays, before any medical procedures, he needs to EAT.

How long do you think my Grandson can go without FOOD???

Stop playing games with the lives of these children & FUND C.H.I.P. NOW.

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