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We Cannot Fix Racism with MISOGYNY: SB4 Written by a MAN

Senate Bill 4, the so-called Sanctuary Cities Bill that rips families apart by deporting Illegal Immigrants - as cruel & inhumane as it is - is CAUSING Gender-based prejudice against women.

UPDATE. Misogyny has gotten so bad around here to the point I feel like I need to walk around with a sign on my forehead saying "But Wait! I'm one of the GOOD ONES," whatever that means.

People are INDIVIDUALS. When we form opinions about others based on their appearance, we are Pre-judging. This is the definition of Discrimination.

If anyone wants to know the name of the ASSHOLE who wrote this turd of a Bill, click the link below to Verify this FACT.


There are not one, but two planned marches in Houston this week to protest the deportations being enforced by the Sanctuary Cities Bill: one today on May 31st & another one on Friday, June 1st.

Thankfully, the organizers of the Marches both seem to be able to COUNT at "posting time." I still have a couple friends who seem to think that 10:48 in the morning is an acceptable TIME to share these events.

10:48. 10:48. 10:48, really???

Shouldn't that TIME be 10:47 in the morning???

#AmericaLetHillaryClintonDown because of a NAME. Now we're stuck with the #ApprenticePresident.

All we had to do was vote for Hillary Clinton & NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING.

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