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Houstonians Don't Act That Way

UPDATE: Stunningly, Charlottesville Virginia will commemorate the one year mark of the race riots that erupted last year over the removal of Confederate Statues in that city. Houston is sitting on a powderkeg of potential race riots beginning with the name of our fair city. Thankfully Houstonians don't act that way.

Below is what I wrote at that time in acknowledgement of this fact.

When people look back to History, we CANNOT BLAME INDIVIDUALS in this generation for transgressions of the past.

PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS, responsible for their own individual actions.


Saturday’s act of domestic terrorism at a white supremacist rally to save a Confederate Statue from removal is NOT representative of ALL WHITE people any more than ISIS or Boko Haram or Hezbollah are representative of ALL MUSLIMS.

The wild, Wild West state with its’ “cowboy justice of ‘shoot first, ask questions never,’” has recently had its’ history scrubbed of Confederate references did not have the street violence associated with Saturday’s protest in Virginia.

Sam Houston Statue Houston City Hall

Not being a native Houstonian, or even a native Texan, my knowledge of Texas History is limited at best, though I’ve seen how we handle current events through a historical lens.

Recently Houston, named for Sam Houston – the second President of the Republic of Texas when Texas seceded from the Union, went on a “renaming spree,” to scrub our history of our racially insensitive landmarks.

Seven schools previously named for Confederate Generals were renamed.

ENTIRE STREETS were renamed, causing dozens of families & businesses to have to change their home address, their mailing address.

Can you image having to do a change of address with you bank, your credit cards, your utility bills – EVERYTHING. Would this make you happy?


There was so much anger around here.

Tensions were high.

Yet Houstonian were able to CONTROL THEIR ANGER while exercising their right to peaceful protest in the streets.




Sam Houston



Houston is literally sitting on a powder keg, yet this town has set the example of how to peacefully resolve differences.

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