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Bi-Partisanship at It's Best: Remembering John McCain

Country above Party, doing the right thing for the right reason. This was Senator John McCain.

Dignity. Respect. Truth & Honor, John McCain set the record straight when things were wrong.

John McCain a True American Hero

Simply thanking him for his service to this country is not enough.

He spear-headed the defeat of the terrible Trump plan to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE," along with Senators Murkowski & Collins. Those of us in the Disability Community owe him our lives.

He made it his mission to reach out to World Leaders after the #AprenticePresident was sworn in, to reassure them that America has Checks & Balances in place to reign him in when needed.

He stood up to a bully & stood for the integrity of this Nation.

We need others in the Republican Party who control the House & the Senate to follow his example & put Country above Politics for the good of the American People.

We will miss him.

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