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Validation of What is Real #MisogynyCostHillaryClintonTheElection

UPDATE: We trust that when we look to the nightly news for information about what's going on in our world, that what we are seeing & hearing is true & accurate. This trust is IMPLIED CREDIBILITY.

We trust that if it's on TV it must be true.

Unless there is deliberate disinformation, propaganda or FAKE NEWS.

Originally posted back in November 2017, this is the origin of many of my ideas about "@theRealDonaldTrump" & his #FakeNews. The only "Real thing" about this "FakePresident is that he "Really watches too much TV."



All of the many issues with Healthcare Funding, Immigration & his terrible Tax Bill could have been prevented by Electing our 1st Female President in American History.

Hillary Clinton would NOT be tearing families apart.

That having been said, this is my Grandmother's brother who was REALLY a broadcast PIONEER, at his first job in Radio.

He was MY Uncle:

I knew him.

I loved him.

He went on to start, found & OWN his own Radio Station, WLON in the early 1940s at the time when Elvis was King.

Is this "Real?"

Stanley Dorfman, Director

I can honestly say that THIS is causing a "real" division by INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE "living vicariously through their quote/unquote actors."

Tonight is the start of Awards Season beginning with the Golden Globe Awards.

Thankfully, I work for myself & will not have tolerate the millions of other people racing to work tomorrow morning with the smug knowledge "They said my NAME on TV" or "See??? Did you SEE that??? They showed my PICTURE on the Golden Globe Awards."


Get your copy of "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office" here.

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