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True Mercy, Grace & Forgiveness: Carol McCain

Still in agreement with the National rebuke of the #ApprenticePresident & learning about the Historical account of a fallen "hero," it seems that the true picture of Grace is Carol McCain. Being of the generation of Americans that value respect, to this day all she will say about the shameful divorce that she never wanted is that "It wasn't fair."

Mercy, Grace & Forgiveness are values that free ourselves as Christians when someone has so deeply hurt us. It frees our souls from anger, resentment & bitterness. It is offering forgiveness when no apology is given.

Carol McCain

It speaks VOLUMES to her credit that she truly is the bigger person.

Nothing more to add to this that people can't Google search for themselves, other than to say while I won't delete my glowing words of condolence for the family in the piece I wrote, but all I can think to myself is WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT.

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