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Middle America Will Remember This in the Mid-terms

UPDATE: #CallTheSenate12022243121 Balancing the Budget & restructuring Taxes did NOT have to be done at the expense of the American people. We are still sending Healthcare dollars overseas to the World Health Organization. (WHO) Why would we spend American TAX PAYER DOLLARS overseas when this country is struggling to take care of their own?

WHO World Health Organization

So it does appear that this terrible Bill is about to pass.

It may be a mute point, but here is the number to once again flood our Elected Officials voicemail with calls from citizens for them to do the right thing.

Beyond the obvious keeping Healthcare Dollars here at home, "trickle-down Economics" don't work: people are too greedy . Remember there are PEOPLE at the head of these corporations. This Tax Bill will not create jobs: it will pay for yachts & mansions.

WHO World Health Organization

Gearing up for the 2018 Mid Term Elections

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