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Executive Level Decision on Network TV

Yesterday's Senate Judicial Committee hearing on the #ApprenticePresident 's pick to fill the recently vacated seat on the Supreme Court was the same Media Circus that allowed the #ApprenticePresident to STEAL THE ELECTION from Hillary Clinton.

Partisan Politics have nothing to do with the SHAMEFUL DISGRACE that was aired for 9 hours yesterday.

That public display cannot be blamed on EITHER the Democrats or the Republicans.

Sadly very sure that no opinions were changed on either side yesterday.

The same MEDIA CIRCUS that created the monster that is the #ApprenticePresident is to BLAME for televising this Judicial Confirmation Hearing PUBLICLY.

#ApprenticePresident #KavanaughHearing

This is the SAME MEDIA CIRCUS that FAILED to give Governor John Kasich equal time during the 2016 Presidential Debates because the ABSURDITY OF DONALD TRUMP MADE FOR HIGH TV RATINGS.

While I am a Democrat who is quietly FURIOUS about what was done to Hillary Clinton, it is STUNNING that the #ApprenticePresident even made it on to the Republican Ticket.

With respect to the Supreme Court vacancy that does need to be filled, there are PLENTY OF REASONS beyond what happened yesterday to VOTE NO ON KAVANAUGH.

1. The Republicans under the direction of Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stonewalled the confirmation of President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, who was not even afforded a hearing.

2. Democrats DID DO THE RIGHT THING in confirming Justice Neil Gorsuch despite the slap in the face to Merrick Garland.

3. There is some question as to whether Judge Kavanaugh PERJURED HIMSELF on the question of his DRINKING HABITS.

Let that sink in for a minute.


4. Judge Kavanaugh will very likely criminalized abortion by overturning Roe/vs/Wade. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.

5. Vote #KavaNO

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