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CE: Mandatory Bi-Annual Ethics Training & Recertification

UPDATE. Once again entering into my Recertification period, I think the thing that bothers me the most about what's going on in our Nation's Capitol & on TV in living rooms all across the country is a general lack of Moral Standards.

Insurance Agents cannot get licensed WITHOUT MANDATORY ETHICS TRAINING, yet I see nothing ethical about the Media Circus in the Confirmation Hearing of a man who wants to be our next Supreme Court Justice.

Apparently there is a process in the Senate for Ethics Certification, which looks to be a complete & total failure based on the mortifying behavior now on public display.

Whether or not the current allegations against Judge Kavanaugh turn out to be true, he may have lied about his drinking habits: a Judge committing PERJURY in front of the American People.

We have every right to EXPECT a higher Moral Standard out of a Supreme Court Justice.


I have never seen anything like the excruciating amount of training that Health Insurance Agents are required to endure every two years, including ETHICS, LEGISLATION & LAW for Continuing Education (CE).

Health Insurance Ethics




The PEOPLE who need ETHICS TRAINING are the PEOPLE who own these Insurance Companies, the PEOPLE who own TV Stations & the PEOPLE we Elect to Public Office to act in the best interest of the American PEOPLE.

I have been doing this for 11 very long years. Ethics is REQUIRED TRAINING every re-licensing certification period & I just about orbit the moon every time I have to do this.

Ethics are a higher moral standard beyond what is or is not legal. It is doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason at all times.


TV & Radio Stations also require Federal Licensing by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There needs to also be a process for TV & Radio Executives applying for a Broadcast License to be Certified in Ethics.

So much of what we see when we turn on the Idiot Box amounts to Material Misrepresentation of the Facts (fancy Legalese for LYING.)

The #ApprenticePresident is a prime example of a lack of Moral Standards.

I believe that ALL CANDIDATES FOR PUBLIC OFFICE should be REQUIRED to be Certified in Ethics BEFORE they are even eligible to declare candidacy.

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