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Ethics Reform in the Broadcast Industry

The FACT that a Cartoon Character has made it into the Oval Office PROOVES that the people who need Ethics Training are the TV & Radio Executives who created the MONSTER that is the #ApprenticePresident.

TV & Radio Executives need to APPLY FOR A BROADCAST LICENSE to broadcast on Public airwaves.

I believe it is time to DEMAND that TV Executives be Certified in Ethics Training.

Ethics Reform in the Broadcast Industry

ABC Disney in particular has created a Rape Culture that objectify's women in shows like The Bachelor,& Dancing With the Stars - which in my opinion is thinly-veiled PORNOGRAPHY.

These Network TV Executives made a corporate-level decision to air the entire 9-hour hearing for the sake of "BREAKING NEWS." for the sake of TV Ratings - ratings on which their Advertising Prices are set.

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