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Apple Lisa. Personal Computing & Personal Privacy

UPDATE. The UNETHICAL Republican RUSH to confirm a questionable appointee to the Supreme Court spoke to several fundamental Rights of US Citizens: Fairness, Expectation of Privacy & Presumption of Innocence.

Senator Collins & other spoke at length of Fairness & Presumption of Innocence.

This begs the question of what is Public & what is Private?

Dr Ford is a PRIVATE CITIZEN & as such has a higher expectation of PRIVACY than a Public Official BY DEFINITION.


#INJusticeKavaNO is already a PUBLIC Official seeking a higher PUBLIC Office. As such, he is & will be conducting THE PUBLIC'S business on the half of the Public. Which is not to say that he gives up his right to Privacy in his personal life.

The biggest part of the problem I see with the staunch support of the #ApprenticePresident's "base" is the fact they watched his "Reality Show" for 8 very long years.

"Reality Shows" have brought awareness to the American Public that in fact Big Brother IS WATCHING & they're PISSED, so they turn a blind eye towards his BULLYING BEHAVIOR.

PISSED is not the word for how I"M feeling - more like FURIOUSLY PISSED.

SIDE NOTE: We can ALL THANK Steve Jobs for bringing this great EVIL into the world known as the SMARTPHONE.

We all ate the Apple & now we know.


Steve Jobs may very well be burning in Hell.

Personal Privacy is front & center now more than ever with data breaches, Russian meddling & the Cambridge Analytics in the news on a seemingly daily basis. Honestly, I think the privacy ship has sailed much longer than we think. The difference is awareness.

Now, the rest of us know what the upper 1% has been doing to us behind our backs.

I think invasion of privacy has been a reality from the beginning, when Steve Jobs created the first user-friendly personal computer, the Apple Lisa, named for his daughter Lisa Brennan Jobs.

He is the person we can all thank for putting a personal computer in everyone's pocket in the form of an iPhone.

When Jobs later rolled out the Apple Macintosh, ads for the latest machine featured George Orwell's 1984, very ominously warning that "Big Brother is Watching."

30 years ago - all of us were Blissfully Unaware that this was being done to us. And me too. Here is my "Me Too Moment" when I ask in stunned disbelief, "What do you mean Big Brother is WATCHING US???"

So much for Personal PRIVACY.

Fast forward to the present. I still haven't decided what to do about Facebook. Personally, I have almost 10 years worth of stuff on there & I know for a fact this Privacy Ship has sailed.

Professionally, this news could not come at a worse time while I am still in the start-up phase of this business.

Prior to the recent revelations bringing awareness to us that our data has been breached, I was gearing up to place another Ad. I must say as far as effectiveness, Facebook is the only platform where I got ANY Return on My Investment what-so-ever, but I am still in a holding pattern with a "wait & see" attitude to see how the public responds. Will there be a mass Exodus like what happened to My Space or will Facebook weather the storm?

Business users & Political Candidates don't seem to have been phased by this news, with no slow-down in the number & frequency of Facebook Live Videos, Posts & everybody's favorite the "Selfie," so I guess I will keep my Online presence for now - don't look for me to pay for it though.

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