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  • lisaannettestanley

The Bully In Chief has ZERO Emotional Intelligence

Obama VS Trump

The #ApprenticePresident continues his victory tour across the country, whipping his "Base" into a frenzy & FAILING to unite a divided nation.

In the latest STUNNING DISGRACE, he had the NERVE to apologize to #INJusticeKavaNO for the farce of a confirmation hearing that NO INTENTION WHAT-SO-EVER to conduct a proper investigation of the valid allegations of a PRIVATE CITIZEN with valid concerns against a PUBLIC OFFICIAL'S fitness for office.

The #BullyInChief then went on to ERRONEOUSLY congratulate him on being "proven innocent" when no such finding was "proven." The #ApprenticePresident effectively tied the FBI's arms behind their back in terms of limiting their investigation - resulting in an INCOMPLETE REPORT.

He had then NERVE to discuss at length Presumption of Innocence, then THIS HAPPENS: