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It's Time for Churches to Pay Taxes

Yesterday, I asked for an "Amen GIRLS." Well, here it is. MISOGYNY in the Church has been from the beginning in Genesis 3, & I for one HAVE HAD IT.

"They" say Religion & Politics are two subjects people shouldn't talk about.

Well, look at what silence has gotten us - look what "They" are doing

Does this look like Separation of Church & State - or more like a BULLY PULPIT?


This is OUTRAGEOUS & INFURIATING. Who needs Russian meddeling in our Elections when we have The Church using their MASSIVE platform to call the shots?

Separation of Church & State. Is It Time for Churches to Pay TAXES?

Tax Dollar Allocation. It's WHY We Vote

With respect to the Bible, do you realize that "The Word of God" had SEVERAL AUTHORS - & EVIDENCE of CENSORSHIP of the Bible was found in 1947.

From my Personal Facebook Page:

Dead Sea Scrolls: EVIDENCE of Censorship of the Bible.

Dead Sea Scrolls. Evidence of CENSORSHIP of the Bible

Evidence that several books of the Bible were editted out were discovered in 1947: The Dead Sea Scrolls. I saw this exhibit for myself at the Houston Museum of Natural Science when it was here. I am only just now beginning to understand what I saw with my own two eyes nine years ago in 2005.

The lies began from the beginning & center around the role of women.


The Book of Genesis teaches us that Adam & Eve were the first people on Earth: that Eve was fashioned from Man's rib & given to him.


The story in the Jewish Torah is very different. According to the Torah, Adam was the first person on Earth to go through a divorce. The Jewish holy book states that Adam's first wife, Lilith was created from dust the same as Adam to be his EQUAL COMPANION - not his property. Not being Jewish, I don't know that much about Lilith & from the bits & pieces I read or heard, I think she was much maligned by history - just as Eve was blamed for Original Sin: eating the apple.


Wasn't Eve beguiled by the serpent - who was said to be Satan in disguise??? That IS the Christian Biblical teaching, right???


In truth the early women of the Bible & other World Religions were the 1st feminist to practice celibacy - much like Catholic Priest & Nuns swear a vow of celibacy. The Church & humanity needed women to crank out children like baby factories for procreation of the species. Mortality back then was high, not only due to disease & famine, but also from falling vicitm to the Holy Wars being waged by societies.


I was shocked to learn that one of the books discovered in 1947 was written by St Peter himself & dealt with another early feminist: Thecla.


Thecla also swore a vow of celibacy.


The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Gospels of Peter & Mary Magdalene in the 1st Forty Days