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Tort Reform in Medical Malpractice Suits Will Fix Rising Premiums

UPDATE. As the Grandmother of a child who was almost killed by his doctors & as an Insurance Professional who does this for a living, I have more than a couple of opinions on providing Health CARE to the American People.

Peak Enrollment Season for all kinds of coverage is upon us as is the start of Early Voting next week. (Infuriating that the #ApprenticePresident has picked Oct 22nd to hold a Cruz Campaign Rally on the first day of Early Voting in Texas. We need to respond by flooding the Ballot Boxes with votes for our Democratic Candidates on that day in a great big giant "FU.")

The rise of "Consumer-Driven Benefits, CDB," is a Philosophy of Health Care Coverage - that most people don't understand, has given rise to these huge Out of Pocket Expenses in the form of a Deductible before the Plan begins to provide coverage.

I've seen this in my own family, where the company my children's father works for chose extremely High Deductible Coverage then FAILED to provide SUPPLEMENTS.

People who are relatively healthy & are concerned with price are the best fit for a plan like this, but for people who know they have something going on medically need 1st dollar coverage with a low or no deductible.

This is why people complain, "Well, I'm paying for this insurance but it doesn't cover anything."

On to the subject of the day: Medical Malpractice. Apparently I liked this headline & used it twice. The piece below is distinctly different.


UPDATE. Reading an email from one of my Insurance Industry Magazines & with the possible shutdown of the Federal Government again this Friday, I thought I would re-post this again.