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MidTerm Election Early Voting Begins Monday

Mid-Term Election Vote Democratic Texas Blue Wave

Early Voting for the MidTerm Election begins Monday October 22 - November 2. So much is at stake, including #ObamaCARE #Medicare #Medicaid & #CHIP

Make a plan now to get to the Polls & "bring your Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife & everyone you know with you."

I did quite a bit of work during the March Primaries, beginning with my friend & yours, Penny Shaw.

Penny is a real go-getter, with so much energy, compassion & motivation to do what is right for the people of Harris County.

The 2016 Election was so motivating for so many of us who were spurred into action by STUNNED DISBELIEF of what had just happened, I got off the sidelines & began looking for where I could do the most good in helping these brave souls get Elected this year.

Attending a "meet the Candidates" meeting of the Bayou Blue Democrats, Penny was the 1st Candidate I met.