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Standing With Candidates Outside My District

Of course the Governor's position is State-wide & everyone's District. We do however, have two long-standing ICONIC Houston-area Representatives who are up for Re-Election & need our help to keep their seats.

Vote Blue Lupe Valdez For Governor Re-Elect Sheila Jackson Lee Re-Elect Al Green

These people have a long history of High Ethical & Moral Standards as well as the Dignified & Civilized behavior that holding positions of Elected Public Office DEMANDS.

The #ApprenticePresident will be here on the first day of #EarlyVoting on Monday, steam-rolling in on his #BullyTrain that enabled him to Bully his way into office.

He continues to speak of DIGNITY during his Campaign Rallies - a word that should not even be in his vocabulary & one that he has NO RIGHT TO UTTER - EVER.

There is NOTHING DIGNIFIED about the #BullyInChief who MORTIFIES US on a daily basis.

Let's send him a message by flooding that Ballot Boxes on Monday. #VoteBlue

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#LupeValdezForGovernor #ReElectAlGreen #ReElectSheilaJacksonLee

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