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Repeal And Replace LYIN Ted Cruz. He Does NOT Listen to Us

The #ApprenticePresident and his lynch mob of Bullies will be rallying here in Houston on the first day of early voting, in a desperate attempt to help #LyinTedCruz hold on to his US Senate Seat – not if Texas Democrats have anything to say about it.

#LyinTedCruz on the Bristol Herald Courier 2016

Senator Cruz has the unmitigated GALL to air a new Ad claiming that "He LISTENS to us."

Does he believe his own LIES???

When the #ApprenticePresident managed to bully his way into office vowing to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE," that motivated me into action to get off the sidelines & do everything humanly possible to #SaveOurCARE.

I called Ted Cruz.

I Emailed Ted Cruz.

I participated in online Senate Testimony.on Facebook during the Senate Finance Committee Hearings here:


Prescription FOOD keeping my Grandson Alive

I've Emailed Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins & any of our Elected Officials I could think of when Ted Cruz FAILED TO LISTEN.

Alyssa Milano, Co-Sponsor of Health CARE Voters during Texas Primaroes

I continue to push back from the lies of the Republicans.

#LyinTedCruz has nothing on Congressman John Culberson in the lying department.

While Laura Moser gained the Endorsement of the Little Lobbyists and HealthCARE Voters, I now proudly Volunteer for & Support #LizzieFletcherForTX07.

I continue to support Democratic Candidates up & down the Ballot to #SaveOurCARE

Little Lobbyists and Health Care Voters

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UPDATE. It has just come to my attention that my Congressional Candidate I volunteer for is holding a Debate at the University of Houston this evening. While I can't attend, I will be Phone Banking for #LizzieFletcherForTX07 during that time. #RepealAndReplaceJohnCulberson #TexasBlueWave

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