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Crowd Size at the Ballot Box

UPDATE. While the #ApprenticePresident with his lynch mob of bullies may have had his "crowd-size" wish granted by the Texas Gun Lobby & the NRA at his Houston Campaign Rally for Ted Cruz yesterday, we Democrats were busy outside in the streets giving him one great big giant "FU" in the nicest way possible: exercising our Right to Vote.

Early #VotongWithBeto

Texans love their Guns. Even in the face of the EPIDEMIC of Gun Violence in America, the NRA still has a strong hold on the State of Texas.

While the "Rabid Trumpeteers" with their collective amnesia of how the #ApprenticePresident BULLIED HIS WAY INTO OFFICE, many of them them sat there with their signs "Jobs, Not Mobs" listening to his fear-mongering vows to send the Military to the Border & Ted Cruz is quietly accepting Campaign Contributions from the NRA.

Charlton Heston Speech at NRA Convention

Houston & Texas as a whole plays host to countless numbers of organized Gun Shows on a seemingly monthly basis, drawing enormous crowds at these events.

In my opinion, THIS accounts for their huge turnout.

Why Trump is Fighting to get Cruz reelected to Senate

Meanwhile, he continues his attacks on women & children fleeing for their lives along the Mexico-Guatemala Border & whipping his crowd into a frenzy. It's pretty STUNNING to watch.

Trump alerts military and Border Patrol as migrant caravan inches closer to U.S. border

Most Democrats I know are Peace-loving tree-huggers.

All I can say is VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

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UPDATE. Harris County Democrats LISTEN. While millions of students participated in March For Our Lives, a Resolution was submitted at the joint Convention of Senate Districts 17 & 7 yesterday. While I'm not at liberty to reveal the contents of the Resolution, Texas Democrats aren't waiting for the Republicans to get their act together & stop pandering to the NRA. Texas Democrats are doing what we can for sensible #GunControl

UPDATE. Yesterday's whiplash of a good news/bad news day saw a victory on the east coast, a tragedy on the west coast & a setback on the east coast with respect to Gun Control.

While Florida Governor Rick Scott was signing a compromise Gun Control Bill that increases the legal ago to buy a gun to 21, implements a waiting period, & bans the sale of bump stocks with additional provisions (see full text of bill below.) California had a SWAT situation at a Napa Valley Veterans home that ended with four people dead including the shooter - then back to Florida where the NRA filed suit against the state, claiming the new law is Unconstitutional.


The shooter in the California tragedy, a Veteran himself had been a patient in their PTSD Program for returning veterans of foreign wars returning home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD.

This brings me back to the race to fill Houston's 2nd Congressional District seat being vacated by retiring Congressman Ted Poe.

While Todd Litton easily won the Democratic Primary, winning the right to run against the Republican challenger, the Republicans are heading to a run-off between Kevin Roberts & Dan Crenshaw, both of whom I met out at the polls.

The question of PTSD in Veterans is the exact question I asked of Crenshaw in the post below. I was less-than-enthused in his response: "the Military has programs for that."

Well, OK.

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