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The Charismatic Great Deceiver. Is Donald Trump the AntiChrist?

UPDATE How anyone can find a Bully to be charismatic is stunning in & of itself, but apparently the mass of humanity that attends Trump rallies see no problem with his aggressive speeches.

It is actually unfair to demonize political opponents, but this may be case of "if the shoe fits."

All last week when a radicalized Trump supporter terrorized prominent Democratic officials including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & news organization CNN, rather than reach out & call them personally, rather than tone down his divisive rhetoric at campaign rallies, rather than trying to calm the public's fears the #ApprenticePresident chose to attack the victims from his bully pulpit.

The Charismatic Great Deceiver. Is Donald Trump the AntiChrist?

There is actually evidence him "trying to go there" as seen in the Kushner family property at 666 Fifth Avenue.

This is what was done to President Obama by Christian broadcast, particularly Roma Downy's movie "The Bible," which depicted the face of the AntiChrist who appeared to Jesus in the desert as a face who looked earily similar to our beloved former President Obama.

This was actually when I began to pull back from the Church, as I couldn't believe the way he was demonized that way.

Donald Trump pulled the trigger on H.R.257 - Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel Act two days ago on December 6th, & I’ve been about to burst a blood vessel ever since. His actions are so alarming that I am one of the many who believe that he is UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT.


This newly signed Bill has it’s precedence in a 1995 Bill that managed to make it’s way through both houses of Congress, but thankfully President Bill Clinton refused to sign it. ‘‘Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995’’. https://www.congress.gov/104/plaws/publ45/PLAW-104publ45.pdf

Had I heard of this in a timely manner, I so would have had something to say on Wednesday when this happened. I was kind of busy trying to figure out how I was gonna fund keeping my website active for another year. Remember – I don’t get paid for this & I don’t know many people who can keep blogging for free.

While I am a Christian, my God I believe in in a benevolent God, the God of the New Testament that believes that Jesus died for our Soul Salvation. A God that believes in Mercy & does NOT judge others.

In keeping with my belief that pretty much 100% of everything on network television is pure trash, several years ago I began watching documentaries of any kind wherever I could find them: history, religion, science.

My current thinking on the state of our world that we all share have been shaped mostly by Ancient Aliens on the History Channel http://www.history.com/shows/ancient-aliens & End Times Ministries with Irvin Baxter https://www.endtime.com/ on the Christian Broadcast Network (TBN.)

How Republican Politicians can deny Global Warming is so alarming to me when everything points to the fulfilment of Christian Biblical Prophecy in the Book of Revelations just floors me when all the signs are there: floods, fires, earthquakes – you name it. All we need now is the swarm of locusts & we’re there.


I can remember a few years ago when Roma Down did the Bible Series. Many people said the same about Barack Obama when the Bible Series depiction of the Anti-Christ did bear some resemblance of our 44th President. I sat there in disbelief at how BACKWARDS the portrayal was.

The Anti-Christ is said to arise in the world of Politics claiming to be "THE REAL" GOD. Does this sound familiar @theREALDonaldTrump?

As seen in the image I chose for this statement is from the Houston Museum of Natural Science back when I still had a membership there & attended the Dead Seal Scrolls Exhibit, the subject has fascinated me dating all the way back to 2005.

The main point of this HISTORICAL DISCOVERY is Censorship of the Bible.

These Biblical-era writings were buried & omitted from the bible: CENSORSHIP in the Ancient World.


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