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13th Amendment, 14th Amendment, Equal Rights Amendment

What's It All About, Alfie?

While Income Inequality for Women remains a HUGE problem and a primary reason for doing what I do, I keep trying to teach that PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS equally entitled to the protections afford to every citizen of this country.

Checks and Balances to prevent a DICTATOR

The #ApprenticePresident with his PREJUDICIAL fear mongering tactics, who fails to unite a divided nation, who fails to understand the Checks & Balances has just released the most racially-charged, PREJUDICIAL political campaign ad - all while claiming he can alter our Constitution by Executive Order.

The #ApprenticePresident is a BAD ACTOR, a VILLAIN


He is ACTING very badly.

He is ACTING like a VILLAIN.

Villains are NOT Heroes - they are Villains

Destroying Lives For Profit

When PEOPLE watch TV, when PEOPLE watch a movie, when PEOPLE listen to the Radio, we cannot internalize the things we see & hear to the point that we think we ARE our ACTORS. This is delusional thought.

The #ApprenticePresident is SO DELUSIONAL right now he is still running this country as if he's staging the latest episode of The Apprentice.

PEOPLE cannot see my Diversity when I meet someone new. I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED about BACKLASH caused by the #ApprenticePresidents actions.

Today is the first day of Open Enrollment for #ObamaCARE.

As A Life & Health Insurance Agent the 4th Quarter of the year is when we make our money.

If someone posts something online that I would normally Like, Comment or Share, pleased don't feel over-looked or ignored. I'm working.

Equal Rights Amendment

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