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Caring For the Caregivers on Election Day

Caring For the Caregivers on Election Day

People with Pre-Existing Conditions will have our say on the 2-year Republican attempt to "Repeal & Replace ObamaCARE." Protection for people with Pre-Existing Conditions is THE HALLMARK of ObamaCARE. It guarantees that Individuals cannot be denied coverage or treatment for any medical condition.

Several Republicans, including the #ApprenticePresident have had the UNMITTIGATED GALL to run Campaign Ads claiming they will protect PEOPLE wtih Pre-Existing Conditions as if those of us who have spent the last two years pushing back against their attempts to take away our Life-Saving care suddenly have Alzheimers.

It is time to #RepealDonaldTrump. It is time to #ReplaceTedCruz.

It is time to #SaveOurCare

#ObamaCARE is my Livelihood.

This affects me Personally AND Professionally. THIS is what has motivated me into action for the MidTerm Elections.

I'm posting extra early this morning as I am serving as an Election Clerk for the Democrats in Precinct 435 & am about to fly out the door.

I AM a HealthCARE Voter.

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