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Rest in Peace Stan Lee

Stan Lee, Spiderman, Marvel Comics

Stan Lee, legendary Co-creator of such ICONIC Comic Book characters as Spiderman & Co-Founder of Marvel Comics, died in Los Angeles at the age of 95.


I will always regret not attending "ComicCon" several years ago when Stan Lee was here in person.

Honestly, I'd like to give a fitting tribute, but I think his volume of work speaks for itself. I would actually like to talk about NAMES.

His NAME is Stan Lee.

My NAME is Stanley.

Is this the same?

Of course not. But this is the way our Society communicates - with NAMES & innuendo.

This is wrong.

Much of the recent ugliness of Harris County politics for me personally being attacked on Facebook was with respect to the NAME of a Republican incumbent who lost re-election - a man whose NAME is similar to mine. (FYI - I don't retaliate & damn it's hard to bite my tongue sometimes, but I do.)