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Its Christmas Eve: What Would Jesus Do?

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UPDATE. Amen GIRLS I will again ask the question, "Who needs Russian interference in US Elections when there is No Separation of Church & State with Governor Huckabee's show on Christian TV?"

So EbaneezerTrump is still Grinching everyone again this year.

Can't say it enough.

My stance on the state of our country is the inability of INDIVIDUALS TO REACH ACROSS THE AISLE in cooperation with those of differing beliefs from our own, even at the holiest time of year on the Christian Calendar is hypocrisy at it's worst.

When the current administration can cease operations of our government AT CHRISTMAS TIME over appropriation of taxes to fund government offices , while blurring the lines between Politics & Religion on CHRISTIAN TV, it is TIME for Churches to start paying taxes.

Side note: Feminism is about EQUALITY OF ALL INDIVIDUALS. Male. Female. Black. White. Or GRAY. What reasonable person could actually not be