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New Year New Ethics Certification


Every time I have to Re-Certify in ETHICS for my Insurance License, I just about orbit the moon. The newly-elected Congress is about to be sworn into office & I can't wait. I will be reaching out to my Congresswoman asking for Legislation that ALL CANDIDATES FOE ELECTED OFFICE BE CERTIFIED IN ETHICS PRIOR TO EVEN GETTING ON THE BALLOT.

The #ApprenticePresident has repeatedly been proven to be a pathological liar, most recently in declaring that HE WOULD accept responsibility for the current government shutdown, then saying the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.


The Senate Ethics Committee needs to DO THEIR JOB & CALL A LIAR OUT FOR BEING A LIAR.

Ethics are standard higher than the law & the American people DEMAND that the we bring respect back to the highest office in our land.

Yes, Id Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

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