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Congratulations Ohio Gov John Kasich, Congratulations Virginia

A couple of "Atta Boys" of equal importance are due this morning, so equal that I've decided not to designate them as First & Second, Number One & Number Two.


They are both "firsts" in my book.

Yesterday the Virginia Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment, getting it one step closer to Ratification into the US Constitution. Next it must be confirmed in the Virginia House & then on to the Nation.

Virginia Senate Passes Federal Equal Rights Amendment, Washington Post

Also yesterday, Ohio Governor John Kasich was named Senior Political Analyst for CNN. I was so happy I almost turned my computer back on to like, comment & share.


John Kasich exemplifies all of the qualities we Americans should expect from a great leader. Why he wasn't given more airtime during the 2016 President Debates still mystifies me to this day.

As a Feminist who of course voted to make history by electing the first Female President in US History, I voted for Hillary Clinton. Had I not, I could have EASILY voted for the Governor from Ohio.

Most PEOPLE have such a narrow view of Feminism as to think feminists are "anti-male." Nothing could be further from the truth.

If CNN had given more airtime to the Governor from Ohio during the Presidential Debates, I believe he would have EASILY risen to the top of the Republican ticket.

So now we're get to the "real point" of today's blog: Speaking Truth to the Media.

CNN is THE Network I trust most for getting the FACTS out there. In fact, they have a segment called "Keeping Them Honest."

Honestly what happened in 2016 was the MEDIA CIRCUS FOR NEILSEN RATINGS.

Some people may be familiar with the "Neilsen Diaries" where ordinary citizens are sent a two-week diary in the regular "snail mail" by the US Post Office & asked to keep a daily log of their television viewing habits.

Neilsen Ratings

These Ratings Diaries are then used Industry-wide by the Broadcast Industry to set ADVERTISING PRICES a network can charge to sell us stuff in their commercials.

The Media Circus that was that was Donald Trump was one outrageous train wreck after another that people could not turn away from, that the Moderators of the Presidential Town Hall Debates gave more time to & I'm sure allowed for them to command premium prices from their advertisers.

Though long over-due, it is good to see John Kasich get his airtime.

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