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Racing. Unifying or Divisive???

UPDATE: As a hub of much Civil Rights activism in the '60s, '70 and continuing on to the present day, it seems to me that the City of Houston is stirring the pot of racial division. When PEOPLE study history, it is to learn from the mistakes of the past to not repeat them, not to look back in anger, not to blame INDIVIDUALS living in this generation for the mistakes of their ancestors (BTW NONE of my ancestors owned slaves: my people were poor tobacco farmers who worked their own fields.)

PEOPLE forget that Equal Rights ARE Civil Rights.

WOMEN are the only class of people not federally protected by the US Constitution.

Yesterday was the Women's March, today is the Houston Marathon & tomorrow is the observance of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King. (more thoughts on that tomorrow.)

So all of 10 people ever read a thing I have to say, while MILLIONS of Houstonians watch Network TV. Yesterday, one of the channels I regularly watch decided to have the anchors wear their "Orange is the New Black Uniforms"

Seriously??? For the Women's March. Dressed in orange. With millions of Houstonians watching.

Orange is such a happy color, isn't it???

How does that make you feel when you see someone dressed in orange???

Several years ago, some genius or geniusses at the Houston Sports Authority decided to paint the town orange in the form of the Houston Astros & the Houston Dynamo, two of our sports teams whose uniforms are ORANGE.