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Milk: It Does a Body Good. Happy MLK Day

Milk. It Does a Body Good

UPDATE: Being born in the very early 60's (1961) my generation was the 1st generation to embrace the Social Experiment called Racial Integration. Living in Allentown, Pennsylvania during First, Second and Third Grades, there were no separate classrooms or bathrooms or lunch tables for black & white kids. We were fully integrated & everyone got along.

Litlle children don't know hate, they know only love..

Happy MILK Day from my Personal Facebook Page 1/18/2016

I can remember the Motown greats on the radio in our home. My mother bought records from The 5th Dimension & Santana & Diana Ross & Dionne Warwick: these were the sounds of my childhood.

I grew up believing that this is the way is should be.

So how did we get to where we are today, with people trying to fix Racism with MISOGYNY?

Black Radio Stations these days are full of FOUL OFFENSIVE & quite frankly REVERSE RACIST MUSIC, slandering an ENTIRE CLASS of people: namely WOMEN.

Garbage such as this is heard by MILLIONS of people on a daily basis, poisoning the hearts & minds of people ATTACKING WHITE WOMEN with the word BITCH.

So, is this Hate Speech???

Definition of Hate Speech in Merriam Webster Dictionary

The First Amendment grants every US Citizen the right to Free Speech, but is HATE SPEECH protected by the First Amendment?

Then there's THIS that I have dubbed the Pepto Bismal MISOGYNISTIC Advertising Hall of Shame.

Is THIS Hate Speech???

How does this make you feel???

First Amendment from The National Archives

By 1973 or 1974, my family had moved to Aiken, South Carolina when I was in Junior High. This was the first album I bought.

How do we as a people get back to THIS?

So today is the Official recognition of Martin Luther King Day, whose birthday is on January 15th. I wonder what he would say about the sad state of our country?

Apparently, the City of Houston is still experiencing in-fighting between two rival parades, fighting to be recognized as the "Official MLK Day Parade."

I don't know enough about the controversy, so I have linked to this article from the Associated Press:

AP: Houston home to rival Martin Luther King Day parades

I'm pretty sure the man who stood for peace, unity & EQUALITY would NOT CONDONE THIS BEHAVIOR IN HIS NAME.

Read my original post on MLK below with thoughts on how to solve this problem with Emotional Intellgence, then check out these related posts:

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