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Good Sportsmanship is Unifying, Not Divisive

Gladys Knight will be opening Super Bowl 53 singing the Star Spangled Banner, in what some see as crossing a picket line started by Colin Kaepernick, when he "took a knee" during the singing of our National Anthem, some things, like the Star Spangled should remain sacred.

Gladys Knight at Super Bowl 53

Good sportsmanship should inspire a "friendly-wager" between two teams & win, lose or draw - everyone shakes hands at the end of the game & leaves it all out on the field. Good sportsmanship recognizes that PEOPLE ARE INDIVIDUALS, & while we may represent different teams, we can all get along.

Poor sportsmanship is the stuff of bitter rivalries: it causes aggression, intolerance & division. It is the very definition of "Tribal Mentality:" it's "Us VS Them," creating mortal enemies forever. That's being a poor sport.

THIS is what's wrong with our country.

Today, I will be on the Puppy Bowl, or perhaps Ancient Aliens on the History Channel during the Big Game.

Not much of a Sports Fan, I really don't even care about the Super Bowl Commercials. Having a very jaded opinion of Advertisers trying to sell us stuff, I wonder why should we buy what they're selling???

Recently CNN's Don Lemon interviewed Gladys specifically about the Super Bowl Pre-Game performance scheduled for this evening & I loved her response.

Several years ago,I saw Gladys Knight at Theatre Under the Stars here in Houston in "Smokey Joe's Cafe." The musical featured 1950's "Do-Wop Rock" from the likes of Elvis & the Coasters & the Platters, but interestingly enough, none of her own tunes.

Tomorrow, the story continues on how we can bring Equality to ALL PEOPLE.

Stay tuned.

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