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Is This the Same? 5 Reasons ANYONE Can Be Prejudice

People are INDIVIDUALS. When PEOPLE embrace their Culture Differences it should be for acceptance, Inclusion & Understanding. Yesterday was the Super Bowl which has been plagued with cries of Racism FOR YEARS. Add to that there actually have been blatant acts of Racism in the News with the current Governor of Virginia appearing in his College Yearbook in Black Face.

His youthful indiscretion is INEXCUSABLE & INDEFENSIBLE,, but is this the same thing???

We DO have a Racist in the White House.

There IS a problem on the Border.

We DO have families being separated.

However, is this the "pot calling the kettle black" - a double standard?

Are "White Face" Halloween costumes for Trick or Treating okay???

Dia De Los Muertos is a Mexican Holiday built on respect for our Ancestors, a day to remember our Dearly Departed loved ones.


What if you are using your Culture to ram a plate of Nachos down the White Girl's throat???

5 Reasons ANYONE Can Be Prejudice

I have a long history of "going there" to help smooth over race relations in the Houston Area.

Several times, I have worked in predominantly Hispanic-owned businesses. I keep reaching down to lift people up, yet you INSIST on tearing the White Girl down.

Above is an Internal Sales Contest from 2011 when I first started working for one such company, I was happy to see that the NAME of this company didn't need to be edited out.

How do you think this made me feel to be greeted with this before I could even say "Hi. My NAME is Lisa. I'm here to help."

I endured this for TWO VERY LONG YEARS. Talk about a tough job. The ENTIRE TIME the sentiment was "Holy Frijoles - what is SHE doing HERE?"

But that wasn't the 1st instance of me working to HELP.

Prior to that I worked for the Spanish Yellow Pages before they "took their ball & went home" so to speak. This Mexican-owned company has ceased to operate in the US at all.

Lisa Stanley Seccion Amarilla Sales Page on Google

PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS. We cannot fix Racism with with Sexism. We cannot fix Racism with MISOGYNY. Prejudice is Prejudice is Prejudice and ANYONE can be PREJUDICE.