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President's Day Emergency. There's a Fake President in the White House

HELP!!! There's a LUNATIC in the White House. Image Credit: FriendlyStock.com

The #FakePresident having his itchy-trigger finger poised over the Nuclear Button, bombarding the American People on a daily basis with his obnoxious Twitter Tweets is alarming enough.

Now Bully-in-Chief who has an insulting nickname for everyone who opposes him has called a #FakeEmergency on the US/Mexican Border for President's Day - this after shutting down the government over funding for this sham of a border wall that we all heard him say he would take responsibility for.

What is REAL is that the #FakePresident LIES every time he opens his mouth. In legalese, the WORD is PERJURY.

Fabricated, "Fake News" isn't limited to the #FakePresident.

Propaganda has been used in Hollywood since World War 2, most notably by Adolf Hitler & the Nazis, as seen in the Brad Pitt movie, "Inglorious Basterds."

For those that haven't seen "Inglorious Basterds" WATCH THIS MOVIE