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President's Day Emergency. There's a Fake President in the White House

HELP!!! There's a LUNATIC in the White House. Image Credit: FriendlyStock.com

The #FakePresident having his itchy-trigger finger poised over the Nuclear Button, bombarding the American People on a daily basis with his obnoxious Twitter Tweets is alarming enough.

Now Bully-in-Chief who has an insulting nickname for everyone who opposes him has called a #FakeEmergency on the US/Mexican Border for President's Day - this after shutting down the government over funding for this sham of a border wall that we all heard him say he would take responsibility for.

What is REAL is that the #FakePresident LIES every time he opens his mouth. In legalese, the WORD is PERJURY.

Fabricated, "Fake News" isn't limited to the #FakePresident.

Propaganda has been used in Hollywood since World War 2, most notably by Adolf Hitler & the Nazis, as seen in the Brad Pitt movie, "Inglorious Basterds."

For those that haven't seen "Inglorious Basterds" WATCH THIS MOVIE

Last week, there was "real fake news" where Hollywood Actor Jussie Smollett fabricated a Hate Crime Attack in a STAGED PROPOGANDA attack against himself as a Gay Black Man.

There are enough "real" Hate Crimes without fabricating one.

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And finally, this one on George Orwell's 1984. Don't read my book. Read this post, then read THIS book. THIS is what's going on in 2019. Written in 1948, 1984 is still BACKWARDS - from the beginning.

This one is so important I have linked the image. This speaks to the very nature of PROPOGANDA, pitting us against each other for no good reason .

1984:  Staging PROPOGANDA in HollyWeird

Trump Image Credit FriendlyStock.com

On the outside chance anyone would like to read my thoughts of the state of American life in2019, you can buy the book here. Still just $!

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