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Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy for STAGING Propaganda

Oscar's big night is finally here. Will you personally be on the Red Carpet tonight or sitting on your couch like me??? This is actually my main beef with the Apprentice President claiming to be the "Real Donald Trump." More than any legislation, more than any of his bad behaviors, more than any terrible policies, it is his claim to be "real" while screaming about "Fake News."

Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy for STAGING Propaganda

It's what got him elected.

I have family, friends & loved ones who will let Politics divide us. For example, I haven't spoken to my sister in MONTHS due to her viscous support of the "ApprenticePresident.

By contrast, my Mother's sister - my Aunt - is also a Trump Supporter, but we talk all the time. We have a "vigorous conversation," agree to disagree then "leave it all out on the field."

There is actually a precedent for electing actors as President.

Consider Ronald Reagan:

The History Channel had a pretty cool piece on the subject for President's Day, recounting the use of film for training pilots to fly into Japanese territory during World War II with Reagan doing the narrations.

The documentary looked at Presidential Leadership & honorable service to country.

So when we have a "leader" who is DIVISIVE rather than UNIFYING, who wants to know what is "REAL" vs what is "FAKE" this is actually the main premise of my book, begging the question:

What is REAL & What is Delusional Thought?

There are still a few of the political action groups that I follow who are some of my most out-spoken critics WHO HAVE NEVER EVEN READ MY BOOK.

For these people, I'd like to roll back the curtain & show you "how sausage is made."

Public Domain, beginning with the image source for my book cover. No, I'm not an artist, but like those of us in the Advertising Industry, I've learned how to find really good clip art.

I'd like to show some love for Pixabay, by far my favorite source for quality images:


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And now to sell a book or two or three.

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