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Books. Did Hillary Clinton WRITE THE DICTIONARY?

UPDATE: Former 1st Lady Michelle Obama was in Houston yesterday promoting her new book. She made a valiant effort to unite the Party behind Hilary back in 2016, but deeply-held misogynistic beliefs stubbornly kept voters from the polls - handing the Presidency to the #ApprenticePresident.


When we learn to treat people as individuals we don't vote for superficial reasons like Names & Numbers. Learn to treat individuals with Respect. Read "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office."

While the Political Primary Season marches right along, this weekend's Funeral Service for Barbara Bush has put reading & literacy back in the forefront.

People are INDIVIDUALS & no one INDIVIDUAL is single-handedly responsible for their respective language. Hillary Clinton has written a lot of books, but I’m pretty sure the Dictionary isn’t one of them, nor is the Bible.

PEOPLE are Individuals.

PEOPLE are Individuals.

PEOPLE are Individuals.

Emotional Intelligence in Language

I have a close personal female friend that breaks my heart every time I go into my Facebook News Feed & read her posts.

It is filled with AMENS.

In Spanish.

While I am Christian, I am not Catholic but have come to respect many Catholic rituals & traditions: like all those Hail Marys.

I would like to look my friend in the eye & say “Amiga. You are my friend. My FEMALE friend in ANY LANGUAGE – English, Spanish – you are my FRIEND. I am a WOMAN. You are a WOMAN. Can I get a couple Hail Mary’s to go with all those AMENS you keep posting?”

English Spanish Bible Emotional Intelligence

When we apply our EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE to our interactions with the PEOPLE in our lives, we CAN BE NICE IN ANY LANGUAGE.

We recognize that INDIVIDUALS are NOT responsible for their Individual actions & we DON’T HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR RESPECTIVE LANGUAGE.

Virgin Mary Emotional Intelligence

Because I’m pretty sure the Virgin Mary was present at the Birth of Christ.


Now, I honor her by encouraging little girls & young women to study Civics, Political Science & Equal Rights two EBooks, now in the Revolving Door HR Store.

"Come In & Learn Why Women OUGHT to Vote," is a pictorial history of the Women's Rights Movement.

"Yes, Id Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office," is a Socio-Political examination of deeply-held misogynistic beliefs held in society that affected the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election.

Available on Amazon.com & now just $1 each here at RDHR

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