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Next Level Thinking. The Word is PREJUDICE

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UPDATE. Sending Peace, Love & Healing to New Zealand in the wake of the Islamophobic-terrorist attack on 2 Mosques in Christchurch this morning, killing 49 innocent souls as they worshiped.

People are INDIVIDUALS & Equal Rights is about EQUALITY FOR ALL.

Antisemitism has got to stop. Islamophobia has got to stop. Misogyny has got to stop.

Until we can eradicate Hate of all kinds from this world that we all share, people should think in terms of PREJUDICE. Prejudice is caused by hate. Discrimination is caused by Prejudice.

Discrimination is the outward manifestation of hateful Prejudice.

Learn to treat ALL people as Individuals. Learn to treat ALL people with RESPECT. Learn to speak with Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is NOT about "Book Smarts." It NOT about being the "genius in the room."

It is about "The Golden Rule: JUST BE NICE."