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Emotional Intelligence is DeEscalation. Women's History Month

Emotional Intelligence is DeEscalation Training

Peaceful Co-Existence is the goal of all societies that believe that "Life, Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness" is a God-given right of ALL people.

For Women's History Month today, in light of the terrorist attack on a Muslim House of Worship, I chose to look at the History of Women in Religion.

When we speak of history how far back in history should we go???

Easter is around the corner, the Holiest time of year on the Christian calendar & THE ENTIRE BASIS OF CHRISTIANITY.

More Holy than Christmas, our ENTIRE Christian Religion is based on the Torture, Death & Resurrection of Christ From the dead.

Jesus taught us to "Love Thy Enemies," to "Turn the Other Cheek."

In my opinion, Network TV is ESCALATING, not De-Escalating. Excerpt from the Preface to "Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy:"