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Alice Austen, New York Public Library, "Newspaper Woman"

So the Mueller Report has come out & the American Public is waiting to see what's in it. We do know what's not in it: no new indictments - as if there haven't been enough already.

CNN's Chris Cuomo regularly points out that criminality of the #ApprenticePresident should not be the benchmark.

Which is also my main point with respect to ETHICS.

Insurance Agents like myself are REQUIRED to Re-Certify once every two years, including MANDATORY ETHICS TRAINING.

The American People EXPECT the Leader of the Free World to conduct the Public's business with RESPECT at the very least.

In my view, this man BULLIED his way onto the Republican Ticket - with an insulting cutsie-little nickname for every opponent, including Hillary Clinton, whose Emails are the very subject of the Mueller Report.