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Can Public Officials Be SLANDERED? Yes They Can. Women's History Month

Misogyny Is a Problem in America

The benchmark for Slander for anyone in the Public Eye is extremely high, particularly for Public Officials. Public Officials are Elected to conduct business on the Public's behalf. As such the performance of their duties does require a higher level of transparency than a Public Figure, like a musician or actor or anyone else who has voluntarily put themselves in the Public Eye.

Even Public Officials & Public Figures do have some expectation of Privacy in their Private lives.

Slander & Defamation are defined as "harm to one's reputation" resulting from the Circulation of False or Misleading Information.

1. Is it False?

2. Was it Circulated?

3. Was it Believed?

While no one can argue that Hilary Clinton's NAME is not Hillary Clinton, what happened to her during the 2016 Presidential Election Campaigns was an outright smear campaign far beyond Defamation of Character - - - more like Explosive Character Assassination BECAUSE OF HER NAME & her Campaign Platform to PROTECT OBAMACARE.

Because of a NAME.

Because of a NAME.

Because of a NAME.

I really don't think the HealthCARE Candidate was looking to "Bomb anyone's NOSE,"