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Speaking in Tongues. Medicare Statement of Understanding

Being able to UNDERSTAND each other when we speak is CRUCIAL to Communication. Now that Russian collusion in the 2016 Election may or may not be off the table, could there have been any other contributing factors that kept voters home on Election Day?

It's an uncomfortable but necessary conversation to have - FOR THE RIGHT REASONS:

Seeking UNDERSTANDING of WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED & how to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Houston is the most wonderfully diverse city in the country. While the predominant alternate language spoken in our city is Spanish, our Chinatown is MASSIVE, with street signs & store fronts written in Chinese Characters, Vietnamese Characters, Korean Characters.

The United States is one of the few countries that does not have a declared Official Language. Think of it. When we travel to other countries, we expect that people in the Tourist Areas will be somewhat Bilingual, but once we venture off the beaten track we had better be able to speak the native language, whatever language that may be.

Speaking in Tongues. Medicare Statement of Understanding

Spaeking in Tongues, Medicare Statement of Understanding

Every MediCARE Enrollment kit contains a Statement of Understanding & also one of these: information of how to get help in other languages.

Can you imagine the additional layer of complication put on Insurance Agents, as if our jobs were not difficult enough already?

Christians are heading into the Holiest time of year for us, but like the excerpt from my book I recently published here, 2000 years later people are still arguing over which Religion is right.

After the mass shooting in New Zealand at two Muslim Mosques there, I attend the Vigil for New Zealand held in the Galleria area.

I had a very deep conversation with a young woman who wanted to enlighten me on the Prophet Mohammad.

She explained to me that Allah is their name for God & that God is one God no matter how you refer to God. She went on explain that Jesus, Mohammad & Buddha & others were all PROPHETS.

I did the same thing for the Jewish Community for the Tree of Life Synagogue Vigil, albeit an Online Memorial, lighting a Virtual Candle at their online service.

The point of all of this?

When I speak of LANGUAGES, don't necessarily ASSUME that I'm speaking of Spanish.

30 years ago when I lived in Singapore, I was the Minority. While most Singaporeans are MULTI-LINGUAL & fluent in English, nobody LOOKED LIKE ME.

For all of these reasons I truly do believe we need to Certify English as the Official Language of the US,

FOR THE RIGHT REASON: so we can UNDERSTAND each other.

Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

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