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1984. Backwards From the Beginning. Womens History Month

UPDATE: Written in 1948 under the name George Orwell, Eric Arthur Blair 's dystopian nightmare reality is one of the root causes of 20th Century Misogyny.

Locally, here in Houston, one of our primary major thoroughfares is the Gulf Freeway, I-45.

During the Mid-Term Elections the name of our Freeway became WEAPONIZED AGAINST WOMEN, in a Sexist, Misogynistic way.

It was hurtful.

It was hateful & quite frankly is the Definition of Hate Speech against WOMEN.

BECAUSE this Presidential Term that we're now in is the 45th Presidency, some opposition groups have been referring to the man as "45," in a derogatory fashion: a SLUR, possibly even a Racial Slur.

Is there something wrong with the NUMBER 45???

Hmnnn. I wonder?

1984 George Orwell