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Ethics Reform in the Broadcast Industry

Ethics Reform in the Broadcast Industry

The Reality Show President who managed to Bully his way onto the Republican ticket in 2016 would not have managed to steal the Election from Hillary Clinton had the American Public not been "playing video games" with the Apprentice.

The stunning train wreck of a Media Circus during the the Presidential Debates made for "must see TV" that people couldn't look away from, allowing the Networks to increase Advertising Rates. The #ApprenticePresident was given the lion's share of Media attention because nobody knew what stunning thing he would say or do next.

The lack of ETHICS in all areas of American life is a problem.

Material Misrepresentation of Facts & Deceptive Trade Practices are just two of the many principles of ETHICS.

While the American Public is still waiting to see if Impeachment Proceedings will arise from the Mueller Report , the most STUNNING part of the entire debacle is whether or not the #ApprenticePresident committed any crimes,

His behavior is SO UNETHICAL, this country needs new legislation holding Public Officials to ETHICAL STANDARDS - not merely what is or is not legal.

Furthermore, MANDATORY ETHICS CERTIFICATION SHOULD BE REQUIRED for all broadcast outlets to renew their broadcast licenses.

Most people don't realize that TV Stations have to apply for a License from the Federal Communications Commission.

Systemic MISOGYNY in all forms of Media could not exist if women were federally protected under the Equal Rights Amendment.

This also played a role in this country's FAILURE to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Now the #ApprenticePresident is in there. How do we get him out???

Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

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