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Happy Cinco de Mayo???

Happy Cinco de Mayo???

11:34am Central Standard Time. This is what I shared from Facebook Memories on my personal Facebook Page this morning from 7 Years Ago.


I have a long history of trying to help myself by helping others.

I go there.


When PEOPLE blame others for the Language they speak, they are RACING. Anyone can be racist.

Some languages, including Spanish, have Male/Female Pronouns. Why do some people INSIST on trying to fix racism on the backs of women???

WOMEN are NOT to blame for the English Language.

Quick show of hands: How many people VOTED for Hillary Clinton???


That's what I thought.

Learn to treat PEOPLE as INDIVIDUALS any day of the year.

Below is a link to my Google Sites Page that I built as a Sales Brochure for myself. Three months after accepting this position, all North American operations of this company ceased in the US. They basically "took their ball & went home to Mexico" & all of us were out of a job.

(BTW - I'm not Bi-lingual. All translations done online using Babel.)

Yes, I'd Like to Thank the Academy: How to Tame the Red Carpet in YOUR Office

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