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Next Level Thinking. The Word is PREJUDICE

UPDATE: Last month, Google & Facebook executives testified before Congress on the subject of White Supremacy. When the "Leader of the Free World" for a fact is a Racist, he makes it so much harder on those of us that are NOT.

Social Media, in general across all platforms is full of BULLIES.


When we recognize this fact, we don't embrace a "Tribal Mentality" or "race against anyone."

I really don't find it productive to speak in terms of "Racism" when actually the word is Prejudice - ANYONE can be Prejudice. Prejudice occurs when people Discriminate against others BASED ON PHYSICAL APPEARANCE.

Many have sought to describe this phenomenon as "Bigotry," which I also don't find to be productive.

How could this word sound to the ears of a large-statured person???


People are Individuals.

Seeking Corporate Partners, Corporate Sponsors and like-minded individual investors to bring this idea to life.

Bullying has become a global problem. This has got to stop.

Ask me how & join me here

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