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Watching Her Wake Up on Her Deathbed. Mothers Day 2019

UPDATE. WOMEN are not responsible for the English Language. On this Mother's Day 2019, let's all reflect on how WOMEN are held accountable for communications of all kinds.

Take for example my own Mother who died in 2012 just weeks shy of her 70th birthday.

Mom never went to College. With her highest-level of attained education being her High School Diploma, Mom did NOT "Speak in Code." Mom did NOT speak in innuendo & implications.

Mom lived her whole life NOT insulting others in "Coded Language."

Blaming WOMEN for the English Language IS systemic, institutionalized MISOGYNISTIC DISCRIMINATION against WOMEN.

Happy Mother's Day Mom???

UPDATE:. The 19th Amendment gave Women the Right to Vote but it doesn't go far enough. Let's celebrate 100 years of voting rights by ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment in 2019.

With the protection of the Equal Rights Amendment, Pop Culture would not be able to declare "Open Season" on women as has been done for DECADES in Music, in Movies & in TV Advertising.

Clear Need for Equal Rights Amendment. MISOGYNISTIC TV Attack Ads Are NOT OK

Today, March 19th is the start of "March Madness" so I thought I would highlight WHY we do still need the Equal Rights Amendment by looking at the MADEA Franchise' latest offering " A Madea Family Funeral"

PEOPLE are INDIVIDUALS - we are NOT our actors, good or bad.

Stuff like this does not improve our lives or make our lives better. In fact, it pisses people off, Madea.

When the viewing public sees or hears something that inspires feelings of anger, will the expression of that anger be Positive or Negative?</