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Legislating Morality in Unethical Attack on Women's Health

Alabama is the 7th State to pass anti-abortion legislation this year, in the most restrictive assault on Women's Health in the Nation - all with the goal of taking a swing at Roe/VS/Wade.

Senate Republicans & the Senate Ethics Committee continually turn a blind eye to the bad behavior of the Bully-in-chief in an UNETHICAL POWER GRAB to pack the courts, including the Supreme Court with "Conservative" Judges.

And is the word "Conservative" even applicable to the Republican Party anymore?

Supposedly the Party of fewer government restrictions & interference into the lives of ordinary Citizens, the Republican party, is still hell-bent on legislating Women's bodies.

Control of the Supreme Court has always been the goal, beginning with Mitch McConnell & Senate Republicans refusal to even give a confirmation hearing to President Obama's Supreme Court appointee Merrick Garland - culminating with ramming Brett Kavanaugh down the throats of the American People.

Make no mistake, THIS is WHY fellow Republicans refuse to hold the #ApprenticePresident to account.

The so-called "Moral Majority" has been gunning for Roe/V/Wade since it's 40-year Supreme Court victory, imposing extremist Christian values on the rest of us & is likely WHY Christian TV mobilized the vote in 2016: Republican control of our government.

In this failed Bill from the Texas Legislature, they all but admitted as much, quoting from the Bible, in the Old Testament Book of Genesis.

What we need in this country is Separation of Church & State.

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