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Gaslighting Equals Victim Blaming

The Apprentice President who BULLIED his way onto the Republican Ticket in 2016 continues his UNETHICAL backwards bullying of anyone who opposes him & dares to speak the truth.

Gaslighting = Victim Blaming

The term "Gaslighting," which I find to be inflammatory, incendiary & patently offensive on its' face stems from the 1944 movie, Gaslight in which a WIFE is severely, methodically manipulated by her husband who sought to drive her crazy by dimming the lights in the attic, then claim it was just her imagination - though HE HIMSELF was actually doing it.

Since then, the phenomenon of "gaslighting" has actually made it into the realm of mental health professionals to describe abusive relationships.

Several good articles on the subject in Psychology Today can be found here


In 2016, Victim-Blaming was successfully used against Hillary Clinton in the Misogynistic attacks on her Candidacy that continue to plague Female Presidential hopeful in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election.

WOMEN are NOT responsible for the English Language.

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